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Commercial/Film/Editorial/Beauty Production Services:

Makeup, grooming, and hairstyling services are provided on location with a kit that is equipped to handle any needs on set.  Must specify makeup, hair, or both.

Event Makeup/Do & Go:

Makeup application services for any occasion while representing the style of a client, for red carpet, parties, photos, or other special-events (partial day rate) 

Makeup Lessons:

Personalized consultations and lessons can be done in person or virtually.  Specific products are used with recommended techniques and tools, in conjunction with a client's products/tools.  Personal shopping and/or customized shopping lists are tailored to the client's needs.

(1/2 day-full day rate)


Wedding Makeup: Not currently booking wedding makeup. Please email for artist referrals.

Kit cosmetics include and are not limited to:  Laura Mercier, Tom Ford, Ilia, YSL, Nars, Makeup ForeverABH and more. 


Please contact for rates


Please note the following information you might want to provide at consultation:

-What are you going to be wearing? (Picture is helpful, of face as well)

-What color are your eyes, and if hazel or changing color, what color do you like them to look?

-What is your skin type? (Normal, oily, dry, dehydrated, combo, acneic)

-Which products do you normally wear? (powder or liquid foundation and coverage level of low medium or high, eyeliner, eye shadow, bronzer, blush, eyebrows filled in, gloss, lipstick, lipliner, just chapstick, etc.) This might show your comfortability with products and give insight to your personal style.

-Do you have a major preference of a dewy or matte finish on the skin in general?

-Are there any themes or colors that are part of the event, corresponding wardrobe, or floral arrangements?

-Is there a specific look you desire or are inspired by?


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